Why Decaf Green Tea is Better for You?

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Many people are opting for decaf green tea. However, most of them do not know that why decaf green tea is better for them.

In the United States, many people like to drop the tea bag into a cup (including my good friend Brian Scott) and keep it in the cup until the tea is finished. But Unfortunately, That can release increase the caffeine in your green tea. If you are one of those guys, then it’s time to change your habit and get the teabag out when the tea is brewed (Ideally 90 sec for green tea).

Everyone I know is going decaf now. It seems to be a new cool trend amongst tea drinkers. Let’s dig some ground and find out what are the decaf green tea benefits.

What Is Caffeine?

Caffeine is a wonderful ingredient that triggers your body to increase alertness when you feel tired or dizzy. Many people rely on caffeine in the morning to wake up and start their day.

You must be thinking that if caffeine is so wonderful then why would anyone want to eliminate caffeine from their routine?

Well, while caffeine has so many benefits. It also has some drawbacks like It can increase blood pressure, trouble sleeping, and even frequent urination. If you drink too much tea or coffee, it can be a problem for you.

Why Decaf Green Tea is Better? The Truth

The only difference between caffeinated green tea and decaffeinated green tea is the reduction of caffeine levels. Meaning that decaf green tea is not entirely caffeine-free. It is a healthy option if you are trying to minimize caffeine intake.

Why Decaf Green Tea is Better for You

There are several methods of converting a regular green tea into decaf green tea. But we will not go into the technicalities today but will talk about the benefits of decaf green tea.

  1. Good decaf green tea has the same amount of antioxidants that can increase your metabolism. (Beware of the fake decaf green tea)
  2. It will increase your immunity and safeguard you against minor infections.
  3. Help you to sleep better.
  4. It is good for you if you are allergic to caffeine.

Benefits Of Decaf Green Tea Before Bed

The main reason that why decaf green tea is better is the lesser amount of caffeine. Caffeine intake before bed can lead to trouble sleeping. Caffeine is generally known to increase alertness and that alertness can be a barrier in the night if you want to get some good sleep. Drinking a decaf green tea before bed can ensure you better sleep.

Benefits Of Decaf Green Tea In Weight Loss

Fitness is the new trending topic these days. Everyone wants to look better and slimmer. Decaf green tea can help you lose weight because of the high level of antioxidants. More antioxidants will boost your metabolism and increase calorie burning rate. While decaf green tea has a little amount of caffeine as compared to regular green tea, you can consume more cups.

Benefits Of Decaf Green Tea For Heart

Green tea lowers your cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiac arrest. Decaf green tea is equally effective for your heart as regular green tea.

Benefits of decaf green tea for skin

Better looking skin can give you more confidence and self-motivation. Drinking decaf green tea regularly can enhance your skin. Decaf green tea contains EGCG compounds that protect the skin against UV rays. It also has anti-aging properties that give you younger-looking skin. That’s why decaf green tea is better.

Decaf Green Tea During Pregnancy

Intake of caffeine can affect your baby as it can’t metabolize caffeine. Caffeine can cross your placenta and reach your baby. It can also cause your body to lose important fluids. Decaf green teas are not entirely caffeine-free but contain a small amount of caffeine.

Does Decaf Green Tea Has The Same Benefits As Regular Green Tea?

Decaf green tea and regular green tea has the same amount of antioxidants and other healthy compounds except caffeine. That makes decaf green tea as good as regular green tea. Make sure to buy high-quality decaf green tea for better results.that is the reason enough that why decaf green tea is better.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Side Effects

There are two different methods of decaffeinating green tea, natural method, and the CO2 method.

In the natural method, tea leaves are soaked in water to dissolve the caffeine. Then ethyl acetate is mixed to water to absorb caffeine in it. Next, the leaves are collected, steamed, and rolled. But some of the ethyl acetate remains on the leaves. Ethyl acetate is a major cause of liver failure and nervous system breakdown.

Co2 method is believed to be the safest but it doesn’t eliminate the entire caffeine from the leaves. Moreover, CO2 decaffeinated tea is very expansive and can cost you more.

Decaf matcha vs Decaf Green tea

The decaf matcha making process is similar to decaf green tea. But still, the caffeine content is high as compared to the decaf green tea because of the ground leaves. It is still better to consider drinking decaf matcha then regular matcha.

Tea of choice: Lipton decaf green tea

If you are unable to source high quality, fresh whole leaf green tea then the best solution is Lipton decaffeinated green tea. I tried almost every decaf green tea available in the market and Lipton is the winner for me.


I didn’t find any tea that is 100% caffeine-free. All teas have some caffeine in them. Drinking anything in excess can cause problems. It is good to balance your tea consumption by replacing herbal tea with regular green tea every once in a while. Almost all the herbal teas are caffeine-free and some even have more benefits than green tea.

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