6 Best Types of Organic Green Tea

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Apart from aiding in weight loss, green tea also offers many other health benefits, such as reducing the risk of developing heart diseases and preventing cancerous cells’ formation. They also help in preventing cell damage, improvement in brain activity and function. In this process, knowing about the types of organic green tea will help.
Consequently, this has convinced us all that green tea is one of the world’s best beverages in the world. Second only to water itself.

The many groups of antioxidants present make green tea very healthy for consumption. The health benefits become even much more when the green tea is organic green tea.
Organic green tea is especially useful for losing excess weight caused by terrible eating habits, regular consumption of junk foods and soda, sedentary lifestyle, and general abstinence from physical exercise.

Types Organic Green Tea

Excess weight is the main culprit responsible for obesity, various cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and hypertension. All the things that can lead to an untimely death. One thing nobody wants.

Even though studies are still going on to clearly illustrate the extent to which organic green tea increases metabolism and burns excess fat, the tea has remained a favorite amongst people looking to lose some pounds and for self-evident reasons.

Organic Green Tea Loose Leaf

Types of organic green tea is usually packaged in two forms: the loose leaf and the bagged form. In most cases, the organic green tea loose leaf, with only a few exceptions, is produced and sold as a small piece of leaves inside a bag. And because they are usually not grounded, they tend to contain very high amounts of vitamins such as C, A, and E, amino acids such as L-theanine, polyphenols, and antioxidants Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), and a few minerals.

Because these compounds are found in very high quantities in organic green tea loose leaf, this type of tea is considered the healthiest.

However, organic green tea loose leaf is not very common, and only a few brands produce them.

Some organic green tea that comes in a loose-leaf that you may want to try out include:

1. Choice Organic’s Jasmine Green Tea

It is one of the best types of organic green tea. Originally grown in China, this organic green tea has become very popular in the market as one of the best green tea for weight loss because of its captivating floral and intoxicating smell in addition to the loads of antioxidants it contains. The boxes used in packaging the loose leaves are readily biodegradable, making the brand an eco-friendly brand.

2. Numi’s Matcha Toasted Rice

Also known as Numi’s organic tea, this traditional Japanese tea contains all the best things loose leaf tea brings wrapped in a nutty and savory flavor. All over the world, people looking to drop some weight have called this organic green tea their favorite.

3. Vahdam Organic Tea

It is a traditional Indian tea grown around the Himalayan region. When you are lucky enough to find this tea, you would be amazed by the freshness of the flavors. It is mostly because the long leaves are sourced and shipped directly all within 24 – 72 hours following production. It is widely used for detoxification, and its numerous antioxidants and health benefits, making it one of the best green tea for weight loss.

Organic Green Tea Bags

It is the second form by which organic green tea is produced and sold. Organic green tea bags usually come in powder forms contained in a bag. And although the grinding process may cause this tea to contain fewer antioxidants than its loose-leaf counterpart, organic green tea bags are still recognized to be very powerful and useful in more ways than one.

Organic green tea bags are also very common, and below are a few brands you might want to give a trial.

1. Yogi Pure Green Tea

Yogi organic green tea is mostly sourced from China, but it can also be grown in India and Sri Lanka. Its taste is refreshing, smooth, and light on the tongue’s tip, and the flavor is merely colorful. This organic green tea bag is a favorite for many tea drinkers because of these and its health benefits.

2. Bigelow Classic Green Tea

Widely known for its antioxidant boost, delicate and earthy flavor, and generally soothing aroma, this organic green tea comes in tasty bags of goodness.

3. Lipton Green Tea

First produced and used in India, this organic green tea bag has spread to every market globally to become a favorite amongst tea drinkers who wish to lose some weight. Lipton green tea is produced without colorings and preservatives, just like a good organic green tea should be. People have always boasted about how they love the inviting taste and subtle aroma.

Organic Green Tea Antioxidants

The presence of high amounts of naturally occurring antioxidants in organic green tea makes it more valuable than other tea types. These antioxidants usually occur in large quantities because organic green tea is not produced through fermentation, unlike different types of organic green tea. Most times, the leaves are simply steamed, withered, and allowed to dry. Some are then grounded to make organic green tea bags while others are simply packaged as a small piece of leaves.

Of all the naturally occurring antioxidants, the most important and easily most potent is a catechin polyphenol known as Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG).

This chief antioxidant is mostly responsible for the many health benefits of organic green tea. Apart from increasing the rate of metabolism to improve the way the body burns fats and calories, this compound is also known to prevent the formation of free radicals which have been implicated in hasting the rate at which we age.

Other catechin polyphenols that add up to the antioxidants found in organic green tea include Epicatechin and Epicatechin Gallate.

These compounds are said to be responsible for the boost the immune system receives right after drinking organic green tea. They provide the body with immunity against heart disease, cardiovascular disease, a stomach infection, gastrointestinal tract inflammation and infections, microbial infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer cells’ development.

Does Organic Green Tea Help Lose Weight?

I am sure by now you already know the answer to that question. And if you are still not convinced? It is a resounding “YES.”

Organic green tea does help with weight loss. Consider trying different types of organic green tea before choosing one you like. For thousands of years, people have been taking it for that particular purpose. And it must be working well to remain popular worldwide as a remedy for excess weight till this day.

It does this by increasing the rate of metabolism. The little amount of caffeine organic green tea helps ensure that fatty acids from fat tissues like those in the abdominal region are mobilized and made readily available to be burned up as energy. It is what is referred to as fat oxidation.

Also, because organic green tea contains zero calories, drinking it does not add any calories to your body, which is excellent as the more calories you add, the more calories you would need to burn.

All these processes ensure that weight is lost at the end of the day.

Conclusion – Types of Organic Green Tea

If you are looking to lose weight while doing the environment a lot of good, then organic green tea should be your tea choice. But should give a thought to the different types of organic green tea. With several positives and no adverse effects on the surrounding, organic green tea is, without a doubt, one of the best options for weight loss.

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