The Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

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Green tea is considered as an elixir of life for centuries in Chinese folklore. And even after centuries, green tea still holds its ground as a healthy drink. There are many types of green teas available around us and finding the best green tea for weight loss can be hard.

I have researched various green tea brands to see which one is the best to drink for weight loss. There came a time when I thought that all green teas are good. But after putting enough time in the research, I found that different brands have different procurement and distribution practices. These practices affect the final product that we drink.

Green tea can be consumed hot or cold, but the right process for making cold tea is vital. For making a cold tea, you can use the cold brew method or decoction method. But at any given point in time, hot green tea is always a better version.

The Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

Which brand has the best green tea for weight loss?

To find the best green tea brand for weight loss, you must go through a lengthy process of drinking many cups of tea. Do you have this much amount of time to invest? If yes, then you must research yourself.

But if not, then we have got a piece of good news for you. We have tested different brands of green tea available in the United States. This article will save you time and guide you to select the best green tea to buy for weight loss.

Two brands were left at last in our research on finding the best green tea bags for weight loss. Both brands are incredibly famous and known for their reputation. Let’s discuss them briefly.

1. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley is one of the leaders in the store-bought best green tea for weight loss segment. Since Tetley’s buyout by an Indian business giant, Tata Consumer products, Tetley is offering better quality in a pocket-friendly budget.

The procurement of tea by Tetley is now fast because of local operations. This ensures fresh tea to the consumers. Fresh green tea has more antioxidants and polyphenols. That makes it the best green tea for weight loss. Tetley tea is refreshing as well as pure and fits perfectly with our quality checklist.

2. Lipton Green Tea

As per our research best green tea for weight loss is Lipton Green tea. The tea is very fresh, and the quality is spectacular. It has the perfect aroma and color. That ensures all the goodness intact.

Because of the high quality of Lipton green tea, you will get more antioxidants and other health benefits. We recommend Lipton green tea if you are looking for the best green tea bags for weight loss.

Is it best to drink green tea hot or cold for weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, it gets very confusing for an individual because of lots of information available around. Some will tell you to drink hot green tea for weight loss, and others will encourage you to drink cold best green tea for weight loss.

But the truth is straightforward. You must drink hot green tea for weight loss. But the catch here is that you can convert a hot green tea into a cold one. If you want the recipe for hot green tea, then check out our article “How To Make Tea Properly.”

If you are not a hot green tea fan, then we have a cold green tea recipe.

Cold green tea recipe


Green tea – 2 grams (1 teabag)

Water – 100 ml


  1. Rinse the green tea to remove any dust.
  2. Bring water to a boiling point and turn of the heat.
  3. Put green tea leaves or a teabag in it and stir with a spoon.
  4. Cover and let it brew for 3 minutes and strain the leaves or take the teabag out.
  5. Add ice or chilled water and drink up for weight loss.

Best time to drink green tea for weight loss

The best time to consume green tea for weight loss is early morning or after meals. You can also drink green tea before bed, but that can cause trouble sleeping if you are sensitive to caffeine.

Although there is no particular best time to take green tea for weight loss, green tea after meals will easily digest your food and prevent acidity. Research has also proved that drinking green tea before exercise will boost your calorie-burning rate. That will give a boost to your weight loss efforts for a better result.

The best time to drink Matcha green tea for weight loss is in the morning or afternoon. Drinking Matcha in the evening or before bed can result in sleep deprivation because of the high caffeine content.

The best time of day to drink green tea for weight loss is before breakfast. It will boost your metabolism in the morning and helps you to lose weight because of the increased calorie-burning rate.

Best way to drink green tea for weight loss

The Best way to drink green tea is without any condiments. If you still feel like adding something to your green tea, then go lemons.

It is a common saying that ‘if life gives you lemons, then make a lemonade’ but in this case make a hot green tea with lemon.

If you want to add sweetness, then honey is a better option instead of sugar. But if you are looking for the best way to have green tea for weight loss, then any sweetener will ruin the whole purpose of weight loss.

Tea of Choice – Lipton Green Tea

Are you still confused that which green tea is best for weight loss Lipton or Tetley?

While both are very good, but Lipton has won our hearts. Its delicate aroma and great taste will make you drink this excellent tea again and again.

The best Lipton green tea flavor for weight loss is the classic green tea. If you are not looking for an old school classic green tea, you can get the organic version or decaf green tea.

The benefit of Lipton decaf green tea is that you can drink it before bed also. It would not trouble you while sleeping.

Bottomline – Best Green Tea For Weight Loss

Although all the green teas will contribute very well to your weight loss plan. But a good quality green tea will enhance the benefits of it. Drinking green tea daily will give you promising results for weight loss and better digestion.

If you have any questions regarding green teas, then let us know in the comments below. Also, do subscribe to our blog for amazing articles. We promise we will not spam you.

Happy teaing and happy shedding some calories.

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