Matcha Green Tea Caffeine Content vs Coffee

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Here comes the grand finale. We will see who wins today’s match. On the right corner in the green uniform, we have Matcha green tea. On the left corner in black attire, we have coffee. This match is to decide who has less caffeine in it. It is Matcha green tea caffeine content vs coffee.

Well, if you think about it, people are looking for the result of this topic eagerly. I have heard many people saying that Matcha green tea has extremely high caffeine content. On the other hand, I also know folks who believe that coffee has more caffeine content.

Let’s do some research and debug some of the myths about caffeine in Matcha and Coffee.

What? Do you hate research? Well, even I wouldn’t say I like research. I promise I’ll keep it non-technical and straightforward.

Matcha Green Tea Caffeine Content

When comparing matcha green tea caffeine content vs coffee, matcha Green tea powder is a traditional green tea which lost its popularity centuries ago to steeped tea. But nowadays, we are seeing skyrocketing popularity of matcha powder. People consider it as a new cool tea version. It is cool, but along with that, it is also extremely healthy.

It has more polyphenols, more theanine, and more antioxidants. But the bad news is that it also has more caffeine content.

Matcha Green Tea Caffeine Content vs Coffee

Disappointed? Well, don’t be. It’s not too much caffeine that a human body can’t handle. Matcha green tea has twice the amount of caffeine as compared to green tea. A regular green teacup has around 35mg of caffeine, but a Matcha green tea powder has about 75mg of caffeine. It’s still under the limit of 400mg per for a regular human being.

Coffee Caffeine Content

Coffee is a religion for many people. Many people around the world depend on coffee to kickstart their day. It has an abundant number of antioxidants. Is it good news?

Yes, it is good news. But along with benefits, there are some drawbacks too. A regular Americano has somewhere around 69-190mg of caffeine depending upon the roast and amount of beans used.

Matcha Green Tea Caffeine Content vs Coffee

Now when we know how much caffeine content is there in both the drinks. You must have guessed the winner. Right? Well, it’s not that easy. The amount of caffeine in the brewed cup depends on the amount of the powder used.

For example, A regular Matcha green tea powder is used in traditional Japanese recipe is one teaspoon. That is around 3-4 grams of Matcha powder. But on the contrary, a regular espresso shot is made by using 9 grams of coffee powder.

So, it means that 3 grams of matcha green tea has 75mg of caffeine, and 9 grams of coffee has about 190mg of caffeine. So, 3 grams of coffee has around 64mg of caffeine.

To sum up this all, I’ll say that the amount of coffee in both the drinks depends on the amount of powder used.

Let’s compare some of the other beverages with caffeine content as compared to Matcha green tea.

Type of TeaCaffeine Quantity in mg
Matcha Green Tea Caffeine65-80
Black Tea Caffeine Content35-45
Green Tea Caffeine Content10-20
Black Coffee Caffeine content75-190

Bottomline – Matcha Green Tea Caffeine Content vs Coffee

No matter what the stats say, you are responsible for your health. Both Matcha and Coffee are incredible drinks full of benefits. But consume responsibly because the excess of anything is bad.

There are many versions of both Matcha and Coffee available in the market and online. If you are looking for a good brand for a quality Matcha powder, Lipton would recommend you. Rest, I know that you are smart, and you will put enough research behind your decision.

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