6 Amazing Reasons To Drink Green Tea with Lemon

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In a truck full of life addictions, trust me, I would never trade mine for anything in the world.

Well, maybe it is true that addictions are wrong, and that they strengthen our weaknesses, but my addictions have taught me otherwise. Asides the beautiful feeling of sipping my hot green tea with lemon from my favorite black-spotted mug every morning, the way it gives me a great head-start and helps my mind feel peace is enough reason to fall in love with my addiction today and each day.

It was my story until I stumbled on the research reports explaining the combination of organic green tea with lemon as a more effective way of consuming my green tea. This new combination optimized its immense health benefits and gave my cup of goodness a flavored taste.

For what it was worth, I was being offered a better taste and better health benefits by just adding lemon to my already ‘perfect’ beverage.

The citrus fruit in my tea told the tale of missing golds that we never knew we missed. There has been the buzz around this magic beverage worldwide, and some have even called it the ‘liquid gold’, and yes, I couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t get better, my friend!

See the several benefits that a cup of Green tea and Lemon offers.

The Benefits of Green tea with Lemon

OK, while trying hard not to exaggerate, a cup of organic green tea and lemon offers over twenty different benefits to the body. Some of these organic green tea with lemon benefits include:

1. Improved rate of weight loss

The flavonoids and caffeine in green tea work in such a way that improves the metabolism rate in the body, but with the addition of Lemon juice to the tea, you increase the number of catechins the body derives from the green tea by up to six times.

So with the consistent consumption of organic green tea with lemon, you are allowed to lose an average of 2.9 pounds in 12 weeks. It is about three times the fastest result you can get with just green tea, regardless of your diet routine.

2. Iron absorption

Taking organic green tea with lemon reduces one of the side effects of consistently taking green tea.

On the norm, if you take green tea excessively, the chances are that your body presently suffers from the loss of iron because tea consumption inhibits iron absorption from foods. Now the good news is, with lemon in your green tea, that side effect is reduced.

3. Balance PH Levels

Another organic green tea with lemon benefits is balanced PH levels in the body. It reduced the general level of acidity on the body, working as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Benefit of Green Tea With Lemon And Honey

Now, this is another variant of the liquid gold. The combination of organic green tea, lemon, and honey is a vitamin-loaded beverage.

First, it can be used as a first-aid home remedy for a cold, sore throat, flu, or for cough. It could also pass as medicine for menstrual pain in women. The honey in organic green tea, lemon, and honey mixtures is usually added to improve the tea’s taste.

Honey, with its antiseptic works, also works for improving the immune system in such a way that it keeps the body defend against infections and diseases.

Mind you, the benefits you derive from adding honey to organic green tea and lemon depends on your method of adding the honey to the mixture. Honey loses its flavor, antibacterial properties, and could even turn toxic if subjected to high heat.

Benefits of Green Tea With Lemon Infusion

Most of the time, I either take my organic green tea with lemon or have it with a lemon infusion. But either way works for me.

The difference between having infused green tea and fresh lemon in your green tea is based on the brand of the organic green tea you are taking. Some infused organic green tea offers flavors that taste fresh and real, while others come with bland tastes.

But to be on the safest side, it is best to have your lemon freshly sliced into your green tea base. The major upside of green tea with lemon infusion is that it can be consumed hot or cold, which is impossible with plain Organic green tea.

Benefits of Decaffeinated Green Tea with lemon

If you are a fan of Green tea, but cannot bear to take caffeinated substances, then the decaffeinated green tea is your go-to. The tea is everything like regular green tea, and so it gives off the same health benefits. Just that with the reduction of caffeine in the decaffeinated green tea, the polyphenol content- flavanol also reduces.


For your next green tea drink, enjoy the magic of organic green tea with lemon benefits by consuming your organic green tea in either of the three variants I discussed.

  • Organic green tea with lemon.
  • Organic green tea, ginger, lemon
  • Organic green tea, lemon, and honey

Whichever your pick is, you can enjoy your tea at any time of the day. Although, if you are taking the beverage for weight loss, it is best to take it in the morning when your metabolism is highest or in the evening just when your metabolism is about to hit zero. Remember that you should not put your honey in the tea while the tea is hot. It diminishes the nutritional value of the honey.

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