Best Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss

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Green tea is believed to have compounds that help us in weight loss. Polyphenols in green tea can boost your metabolism which will increase your calorie-burning rate. But drinking too much green tea can be difficult in your busy life. Finding a solution to consume more polyphenols is more important now than ever. Green tea supplements for weight loss can help you here.

There are many types of green tea supplements for weight loss available over the internet or around us. but choosing the best one can be very difficult. The availability of many types of green tea supplements makes it even more confusing. Let’s discuss some of the major types.

Types of green tea Supplements

1. Water-Based supplements

In water-based supplements, green tea leaves are boiled in water. Slowly reduce the water content to make a decoction. The final product is a water-based decoction with concentrated green tea compounds.

Water extracts have almost all the compounds in green tea like polyphenols, catechins, theanine, and caffeine, etc. But the problem with water-based supplements is the short shelf life.

2. Alcohol-Based Supplements

The alcohol-based supplements are more shelf-stable. To make an alcohol-based extract you need 50% alcohol (vodka) and 50% water. Alcohol extracts have almost all the compounds in green tea but not minerals and mucilage. This is the best method to make extracts in the liquid form. The process takes less time as compared to a water-based process but it is a technical process and can easily go wrong.

3. Dry Supplements

You can make dry green tea supplements for weight loss from both water-based extracts and alcohol-based extracts. Liquid extracts when heated constantly to evaporate any liquid from them provides a dry powder. Dry supplements have a maximum shelf life. They’re also easily dissolvable in water to make a drink. Dry extracts are available in powder form and capsules or tablet forms.

The problem with the store-bought supplements is that most of the time, the process of extraction is not mentioned. Some of the advanced methods include the addition of preservatives to enhance shelf life. This can contradict the whole statement of green tea supplements and weight loss.

But don’t worry. Here is a quick recipe to make your own extract or Green tea shot (decoction).

How To Make a Green Tea Shot (Extract)

To make a green tea extract (decoction) at home for weight loss, you will need some very basic equipment like a stove, a pan, and a strainer.

Green Tea Supplement Recipe

Serving Size:
3 servings
30 Min


  • 10 grams of green tea
  • 500 ml of water


  1. Boil the water until you see bubbles.
  2. Now reduce the temperature to a minimum and put the green tea leaves in it.
  3. Keep the stove to the minimum until the liquid reduces to 50 ml approx.
  4. Strain the leaves and let it cool down.
  5. Cover and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.
  6. Use 8 to 10 drops in 100 ml of water (hot or cold) and drink.

If you still want to buy green tea supplements then always choose from a trusted supplier and read the package carefully. I hope you are better informed now to make better choices when choosing green tea supplements for weight loss.

Bottomline – Green Tea Supplements For Weight Loss

Green tea supplements contain a high amount of caffeine. Your daily caffeine intake should not exceed 400 mg. Therefore you must have an eye on your daily caffeine consumption. Moreover, you can take advice from an expert doctor before consuming high caffeine items. 

The process of making supplements is complex and can lead to adverse effects sometimes. However, making your own supplement ensures freshness and free from any adulteration. Use the recipe mentioned above and make a fresh green tea supplement every time.

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