9 Best Green Tea Brands for Weight Loss In USA

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“You have gained a lot of weight,” the one single phrase everybody dreads. And also rightly so. It is because excess weight can be directly linked with many health challenges such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension, to mention but a few. In this case, the best green tea brands for weight loss.

You would often hear a lot of people complain about their weights as more and more people are becoming uncomfortable with their weights. A widespread reason for this is that, apart from the many health disadvantages, overweight has recently become a reason for body-shaming—a shameful but very prevalent practice among people these days. Hence the more reason to be as healthy as one could be.

The healthiest people are those who have their weight under control. To put your weight in check, you need to maintain a very healthy eating habit, engage in physical exercise regularly, and consume the best green leaf tea brands in an appropriate quantity.

Green tea has been widely recognized as one of the best beverages after water. Consuming the best green tea brands for weight loss are generally considered an excellent way to lose weight and take back control of one’s physical appearance, and increase confidence.

The Best Loose Leaf Tea Brand

When it comes to weight loss, increasing metabolism, and removing free radicals from the human body, green tea is known to be chief among other tea types. And when green tea comes in a loose-leaf form, those benefits become even more pronounced. Green loose leaf tea, instead of their bagged counterpart, contains less dust and particles from the tea leaves. This increases their general consistency, taste, and smell.

Green Tea Brands for Weight Loss

Although green loose leaf tea is not very common, they are well known to contain more amino acids and antioxidants such as Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), making it healthier than other tea groups.

There are many great brands of loose leaf tea out there. However, allow me to introduce you to a few of the best brands hoping that this would help inform your decision about the brands to use.

1. Dragonwell Green Tea

Dragonwell is one of the best loose leaf tea brands originating from China. It is commonly referred to as Longjing and is usually handmade. It is produced by roasting it in a pan and allowing it to sit for natural oxidation. And because it doesn’t undergo fermentation, it contains a high amount of amino acids, catechins, and vitamin C, making it one of the best green tea brands for weight loss.

2. Hou Kui Green Tea

Popularly known as the Monkey Tea or the Monkey King, the Hou Kui loose tea is another excellent green tea for China’s weight loss. It comes in a grassy form and is known to be very sweet with complimenting flavors. Many believe that this is because this green tea is collected from the top of mountains over 500m above sea level.

3. Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is one of the best green loose leaf tea brands from Japan. It is planted in the Shizuoka district and harvested in the early summer seasons. The texture is both broth-like and clean, the flavor, both tender and sweet and the aroma, is simply refreshing, thereby making it one of the best green tea for weight loss in the market.

4. Matcha Green Tea

Unlike other green loose leaf tea for weight loss, this particular brand comes in powder form. It originated in Japan and is now gaining popularity around the world. This is especially because of the unique way it is produced, which allows it to retain a high amount of its antioxidants, giving it many health benefits making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to lose some weight.

5. Kukicha Green Tea

Kukicha is another excellent brand of green tea from Japan. It is produced from the discard stalks, twigs and stems of both the Sencha and Matcha brands. This is why it is mostly referred to as the twig tea or Bocha. Kukicha is a favorite for many people looking to lose weight because of its low caffeine and sweet, nutty taste.

6. Gunpowder Green Tea

This is one of the oldest and best brands of loose leaf tea from China. Only until recently, this brand was produced by hand, making it a very high-quality tea. It is called Gunpowder because the petals are first steamed, then withered before rolling them into the shape of gun pellets then allowed to dry.

The high amount of amino acids, polyphenols, and antioxidants it contains makes arguably one of the best green tea brands for weight loss.

Digestive Benefits of Good Green Tea

More studies are linking green tea directing with improved digestion. This, the studies claimed, is because of the many polyphenols that confer a host of nutritional and digestive benefits.

1. Stimulation of the Digestive System

The consumption of green tea helps break down food through the activities of the polyphenols present. The EGCG that is also contained in green tea, reduces gastrointestinal tract inflammation, which is responsible for several gastrointestinal tract diseases.

2. Helps to Prevent Stomach Cancer

Apart from aiding your digestion, green tea can do for your stomach because it prevents both colon and stomach cancer as polyphenols are generally known to prevent the development and growth of cancerous cells.

3. Reduce Flatulence and Prevent Bloating

Green tea also aids digestion by helping you pass the excess gas that might form in your stomach after eating certain foods. This, in turn, eliminates the pains and discomfort that comes with flatulence.

9 Best Healthy Tea Brands In USA

The best green tea brands for weight loss do not only take care of the excess fat in the body but also bring other health benefits such as improved digestion. Hence, for a brand to be considered a healthy tea brand, it must increase the pace at which you can burn both cholesterol and calories and bind to free radicals and suppress hunger.

One particular name stands out when it comes to fulfilling the above considerations: Matcha green tea. This may come in the form of the following brands; Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder, the Ceremonial Organic Matcha, or the Organic Matcha DNA.

The fact that Matcha green tea has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants makes all the above brands some of the healthiest tea brands.

Other healthy tea brands for weight loss include the following;

  1. Twinning
  2. Bigelow Classic Green Tea
  3. Choice Organic Tea
  4. Lipton Green Tea
  5. Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea
  6. Yogi Green Tea
  7. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea
  8. Tetley Green Tea
  9. Harney & Sons’ Sencha Green Tea

Does Green Tea Cause Constipation?

Constipation can be caused by consuming different foods, but green tea has not been implicated in being one of those foods. Experts have advised that drinking green tea may help in fighting constipation.

But this is only possible when green tea is consumed in the right amount, which is 2 – 3 cups daily. When consumed in excess, green tea can increase stomach acidity, leading to stomach upset and sometimes constipation in few persons.

Also, drinking green tea on an empty stomach can cause discomfort in the stomach and, in some cases, lead to constipation.

Therefore, it is best to drink green tea only in the appropriate quantity and between or after meals.

Conclusion – Green Tea Brands For Weight Loss

Losing weight can be challenging sometimes. But with the combination of a healthy eating habit, physical exercise and green tea, the journey could be less frightening.

However, even the best green tea brands for weight loss must be taken with caution, which is in the right amount and only during or after meals to avoid the consequences that come with abuse.

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