Can I drink Decaf Green Tea While Pregnant? (3-minute read)

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Green tea is a wonderful drink to promote health. I grab a cup whenever I can to satisfy my need for green tea multiple times a day. Years ago, I had the opinion that green tea can be consumed as much as we want. But one day my sister asked me that can I drink decaf green tea while pregnant?

This must be the question in your mind also. Right?

Decaf Green Tea While Pregnant

Well, I started researching because I was concerned about the health of my sister. What I learned while researching the relation between green tea consumption and pregnancy surprised me.

Before getting into the discussion that you can drink decaf green tea while pregnant, let me explain what decaf green tea is.

What is Decaf Green Tea?

Decaf green tea is just like decaf coffee. It goes through a specialized process to extract caffeine from the tea. Many people get confused between decaf green tea and caffeine-free tea. Caffeine-free tea is any tea that does not contain Camellia sinensis. These teas are alternatively referred to as herbal teas. Let’s the methods of turning green teas into decaf green teas.

Methods to Decaffeinate Green tea

1. Methylene Chloride Method

In this method, leaves are soaked in the Methylene Chloride to remove caffeine. It is a quick process, but the problem with this method is that some Methylene Chloride remains on the leaves that cause health issues.

2. Ethyl Acetate Method

This method is also called a natural method Because ethyl acetate is found in tea naturally. The technique is the same as the methylene chloride.

3. CO2 method

In this method, the green is being cooked with the co2 in a pressure. Because of the reaction with co2, the caffeine gets eliminated.

4. Water method

This method is not very popular when it comes to decaffeinating teas. It is more commonly used in the decaffeination of the coffee.

In this process, tea is being brewed in hot water for a long time. Then the brewed tea is being processed to remove caffeine present in it. After that, the brewed tea is reinfused into the dried leaves.

Effects of Decaf Green Tea While Pregnant

Now when you know what decaffeinated green tea is, you can better understand the effects of decaffeinated green tea while pregnant. But before getting on the conclusion about drinking decaf green tea while pregnant, let’s discuss some of the impact of green tea on your body, especially when pregnant.

Green Tea and Acidity effect when pregnant

The amount is very less. But yes, green tea is acidic. When compared to coffee, black teas, and fruit teas, green tea is less acidic. Even the decaf green is not 100% caffeine-free, which makes decaf green acidic also. But consuming too much green tea can cause enough acidity to give you some trouble.

Acidity is one of the leading causes of heartburn. Because of the pregnancy hormones, heartburn is already a common condition while you are pregnant. Consuming excessive amounts of green tea can aggravate the heartburns.

Effect of Green Tea on Your Teeth

The question that does green tea stain your teeth seems irrelevant at the first when we talk about pregnancy. If green tea stains your teeth, then it is an overall health issue.

Green tea contains a compound called Tannin. Consumption of Tannin can cause teeth staining. But if you are pregnant, then tanning is harmful to you because it has a direct effect on the absorption of dietary iron.

Tannin prevents dietary iron to get absorbed in the body. Deficiency of iron can cause a problem in fetus growth. So high consumption of green tea and drinks with tannins should be consumed on the advice of a dietitian.

Effects of Decaf Green Tea Extract When Pregnant

Green tea extracts are very effective in weight loss and boost metabolism. But the consumption of green tea extracts when pregnant can cause some problems. Most of the green tea extracts available in the market do not have any information about the extraction process. That makes it problematic because you would not know the additives used during the extraction process.

In green tea extracts, the level of caffeine is higher than regular green tea. That means that there is a high level of tannins in the green tea extract. And more consumption of Tannin can cause problems in pregnancy.

Is  It Safe To Drink Decaf Green Tea While Pregnant?

If we consider all the factors above, then you must take expert advice before drinking decaf green tea while pregnant. A high level of caffeine consumption can cause the following problems.

  1. Too much consumption of caffeine can cause Miscarriages.
  2. Caffeine consumption in high quantity can also result in the child’s low weight at the time of birth.
  3. It can cause premature birth.

Conclusion – decaf green tea while pregnant

All the factors mentioned above points to one direction only. Is that pregnancy is a serious issue? Everything you will do while pregnant will affect the life of your child also. Too much of everything is bad, and if you want to drink more green tea while you are pregnant, please consult with your doctor.

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