4 Amazing Green Tea and Honey Benefits & Green Tea Facemask Recipe

Green Tea and Honey Benefits

We all are aware of the potential health benefits of green tea. It is a wonderful drink that the Chinese people are drinking for centuries as a medicinal brew. It is believed that the people of China have been drinking green tea since the 3rd century. However, You will be surprised to know about green … Read more

Why Decaf Green Tea is Better for You?

Why Decaf Green Tea is Better for You

Many people are opting for decaf green tea. However, most of them do not know that why decaf green tea is better for them. In the United States, many people like to drop the tea bag into a cup (including my good friend Brian Scott) and keep it in the cup until the tea is … Read more

Weight Loss With Green Tea Chinese

Green Tea Chinese

Weight loss is a discussion that has always existed and will continue to exist until the end of humans. We keep eating and living different lifestyles that promote the act of gaining weight. While that is not an issue in itself, excessive weight gain is one. However, Green Tea Chinese can help you to stay … Read more

Best Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss

Green Tea Supplements for Weight Loss

Green tea is believed to have compounds that help us in weight loss. Polyphenols in green tea can boost your metabolism which will increase your calorie-burning rate. But drinking too much green tea can be difficult in your busy life. Finding a solution to consume more polyphenols is more important now than ever. Green tea … Read more

Health Benefits Of Green Tea Ingredients

Green Tea Ingredients

It is a truth that green tea ingredients can help you lose weight. The weight loss industry has experienced a resurgence of late with everyone fast becoming a fan of trim, healthy bodies. Many want to lose weight so badly; they turn to anything that can help achieve this aim. The Chinese green tea, so … Read more

Green Tea and Weight Loss (Best Non-Technical Guide)

green tea and weight loss

The first thing that comes into most people’s minds when they hear something about green tea is ‘Green Tea and Weight loss’. If this is the case for you, then you are in the right place. If not, then also you are in the right place. (It was just a metaphor…ha) Many people think of … Read more

6 Amazing Reasons To Drink Green Tea with Lemon

Green Tea with Lemon

In a truck full of life addictions, trust me, I would never trade mine for anything in the world. Well, maybe it is true that addictions are wrong, and that they strengthen our weaknesses, but my addictions have taught me otherwise. Asides the beautiful feeling of sipping my hot green tea with lemon from my … Read more

Matcha vs Green Tea For Weight Loss

Matcha vs Green Tea For Weight Loss

Today we will discuss the use of Matcha vs Green tea for weight loss. As we Know Obesity is one of the prime causes of death worldwide. In us only, 280,000 people die from obesity. It makes it a grave health issue. Increasing weight can bring many challenges to one’s life. Green tea can provide relief … Read more

Does Green Tea Cause Constipation? A Complete Guide

Does Green Tea Cause Constipation

Green is an incredible drink, and people from all around the world have started drinking it regularly. This shift towards green tea is visible because of the sudden popularity of green tea. The thing most of the people get worried about is that does green tea cause constipation? When I go to restaurants now, I … Read more

Best Lipton Green Tea Benefits & 1 Bonus Recipe

Lipton green tea benefits

Lipton green tea benefits are a well-known tea brand that has been in the market for more than 100 years. I have even heard some people using Lipton as a synonym for green tea. Lipton has one of the freshest collection of teas, and the product range is pretty big. I always find a Lipton … Read more