Where To Find The Best Matcha Green Tea Powder

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When it comes to green tea, most people think about the evergreen teabags of loose-leaf tea. But many people forget about the powder form that is Matcha powder. But getting hands on the best Matcha green tea powder is exceedingly rare.

Typically, Matcha is made from Tencha and Gyokuro green tea. Tencha and Gyokuro are one of the highest grades of Japanese tea. There are so many brands of Matcha available both online and in the stores. But what makes any powder the best Matcha green tea powder is the method of grinding.

The original Matcha green tea is stone ground in many intervals to prevent the heating of stones. About an hour is needed to grind 40 to 70 g of leaves into Matcha. The shelf life of Matcha is very less because of the powder form. Tea in the powder form starts to oxidize quickly. That’s why it is recommended always to get fresh Matcha.

Best matcha green tea for weight loss

Matcha is one of the best-considered tea for weight loss. Here are some questions for you to consider when buying the best Matcha green tea powder for weight loss.

  1. Always check for freshness. Look for the manufacturing date.
  2. Is it made from Tencha or Gyokuro?
  3. Is it a stone ground?
  4. Is it organic?

These questions will get you going in the right direction. Rest, you must do extensive research before buying your Matcha.

For me, the best matcha green tea powder for weight loss is Lipton Japanese Matcha green tea. The best part is that it comes in single-serve sachets to ensure freshness in every brew.

Best organic matcha green tea powder for weight loss

When it comes to Matcha, getting the organic one is the priority. But finding organic Matcha can be a big task. The best organic Matcha green tea powder for weight loss can be bought online easily. But I like to buy my Matcha green tea from some selected producers from Japan.

They go an extra step to keep it fresh with personal care. The best advantage of buying Matcha from small producers is that they ‘made to order.’ That ensures the best quality organic Matcha green tea powder.

How to make Matcha green tea powder recipe

There are two types of Matcha green tea used for consumption.

  1. Premium grade
  2. Culinary grade

Premium grade is used for everyday consumption in the form of tea. It can also be used in lattes and regular Matcha. Culinary grade tea is used mostly for baking and cooking.

Are you wondering how to make matcha green tea from powder and looking for a recipe? Here is a quick hot beverage recipe with matcha green tea powder.

best Matcha green tea powder
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Serving Size:
1 Cup
20 Minutes


  • Pieces of equipment required
  • Chawan (A traditional Japanese Tea Cup)
  • Chasen (Bamboo Whisk)
  • Ingredients
  • 1 teaspoon of Matcha Powder
  • 60 – 80- ml water


  1. Grab a Mug or Chawan if you have one, and put 1 teaspoon of premium quality Matcha powder in it.
  2. Put the water on the stove and wait until you see small bubbles in the bottom of the pan. This stage of water boiling is called ‘fisheyes’ temperature (85 degrees C).
  3. Pour the water in the Mug or Chawan.
  4. Whisk with the Chasen (Bamboo Whisk) until there are no lumps.
  5. Let the tea settle for a minute or so, and drink up for weight loss.

You can alternatively add steamed milk to make a latte, but the traditional matcha recipe is the best for weight loss. You can also use matcha powder for smoothies to get the best results.

Best time to drink matcha green tea powder

If you are a Matcha lover, then this can be disappointing for you. Matcha contains more than twice the amount of caffeine. It means that you should avoid drinking Matcha before bed or in the evening. The best time to drink matcha green tea powder is in the morning and afternoon.

Best way to drink Matcha green tea powder

The best way to drink Matcha green tea powder for weight loss is the traditional Japanese way without any additives. But you can try alternative ways also. Here are some of the best ways to use Matcha green tea powder.

  1. Traditional Matcha Green Tea
  2. Matcha Latte
  3. Matcha Smoothies
  4. Green Tea Cakes
  5. Matcha Pancakes
  6. Season The Dishes


For me, the best Matcha green tea powder to buy is Lipton Japanese Matcha green tea. But you can do a little research when you are going to buy it. Avoid Sweet additives for the best results for weight loss.

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