Best 3 Types of Green Tea

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It is time for green tea lovers; can the green tea lovers sit up and go through this with me? The green tea, native to India, and China have been consumed for such a long time for the many health benefits it is touted to provide. However, in recent times, by its role in weight loss, helping many gain their dream summer bodies in no time, the tea has gained more popularity. Many are increasingly becoming fans of it. Let’s learn about the best 3 types of green tea.

Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage the world over. Black tea is the most widely consumed tea variety in the world. It accounts for about 80% of consumption, while the remaining 20% consume green tea. The green tea is one of those with the widest varieties, diversity, and also a long history behind it.

What is Green Tea

To brew a high quality of green tea, one needs to consider the flavor, aroma, and visual aspects of the drink, including assessing the possibilities of combining many green tea varieties to get that alluring cup of green tea. The green tea comes with its unique flavor, temperature, and brew time, with a caffeine level.

3 types of green tea

It is gotten from the parent plant, Camellia sinensis, and what makes this tea special is the unique methods adopted in its processing. Aside from its role in weight loss, it also provides many health benefits such as indigestion, constipation, helping with flawless skin, etc. There have even been links with it helping to fight against cancer, although research is still ongoing to confirm these claims.

When it comes to consuming green tea, with the many varieties available, a novice can become overwhelmed by all the choices available. Well, this compilation can help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing the best variety, which allows you to share in ancient traditions of the giants of the Asian continent.

How Green Tea Is Made

The green tea is referred to as true tea. Aside from the tea plant, other varieties differ based on the cultivation, growing conditions, the time of harvest, and processing. The green tea’s first tastes range from spicy to savory, fruity, floral, and even vegetal, depending on the different constituents of the particular variety.

There are different varieties of green tea with its many benefits. The green tea Chinese, the Lipton green tea, amidst others. It is even said that in the tea-drinking practice, one needs to pay attention to the texture, smell, and appearance, as all these go a long way to influence the flavor. It should be noted that the many different processes of producing green tea leave include: Steaming, Sun Drying, Baking, and pan Frying.

The tea is brewed from dried leaves of  Camellia sinensis, and the level of oxidation of the leaves determines the 3 types of green tea. That which is also made from un-oxidized leaves is said to contain most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. This compilation highlights the types of green tea; let us get started on these varieties.

Best 3 Types of Green Tea

Aside from the many varieties of green tea available, it is formulated in many ways; some of which includes it being packaged in single tea bags, just as loose leaf, as instant powder forms, it can also be wrapped in bottles together with sugar, which acts as a sweetener.

1. Matcha Green Tea

This variety is one of those intricately manufactured out of the many types out there. Attention was paid to all the details. This variety is one with a distinct herbaceous aroma and a fully complimenting vegetal flavor. This taste is one that translates into a smooth, lingering taste. In contemporary times, there are two different types of ‘Matcha.’ The one which is vacuum-packed or those which are tightly sealed in a small tin.

History has shown that tea in its powdered form has always resurfaced from time to time. Matcha is one of the primary ingredients of a freshly made powdered tea leaf. Matcha is a full-bodied tea made from well prepared, powdered tea leaves. Most of the leaves used are shade-grown, and the other accompanying processes make ‘Matcha’ command a very high price in the tea market.

This variety is loaded with antioxidants, including catechins. They provide the consumer with many health benefits. It helps in boosting the levels of concentration, helps with weight loss, and induces a calm nature.

2. Chinese Green Tea

The green tea comes from anywhere in the world. Particularly the Asian giants; China and Japan. Only the method of preparation sets them apart. The Chinese green teas are pan-fried while the Japanese version is steamed. Chinese green teas tend to be more toasty. It is flat with a sweet, nutty flavor.

Chinese green tea is pressed and not rolled. Hence, you can brew it at a higher temperature than the other 3 types of green tea. Some are also bold, full-bodied, and smoky.

3. Organic Green Tea

The organic green tea refers in all its entirety to green tea leaves grown under optimum conditions and brewed under the right conditions to give the best flavor and aroma. It refers to all naturally produced green tea varieties.  Examples of organic green teas include; the GYOKURO, SENCHA, which is grown in direct sunlight and harvested either in the first or the second leaves growth.  MATCHA and other varieties.

Organic green teas all refer to properly grown tea leaves, which are immediately steamed and roasted to prevent fermentation and stop the process of oxidation from happening.

Conclusion – 3 Types of Green Tea

Finally, there is a need to gain the perfect knowledge of the varieties of green tea available, as ancient as green teas’ growth. Its brewing may be one unifying opinion because one needs an excellent understanding of the 3 types of green tea to fully experience this highly beneficial natural product, which is a part of the ancient traditions from time immemorial.

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