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Why Hot Green Tea

Green tea, the elixir of life. When anyone talks about hot green tea, the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is healthy. Yes, it is true, green is one of the healthiest beverages brewed ever. Therefore, we have decided, for the love of tea, to share our expertise with you. 

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Why Hot Green Tea

The reason we have started this blog is to share our experience of tea brewing with anyone who is lost in the huge world of teas. Tea, for centuries, is known as folk medicine in many cultures. We researched in depth about tea and combined it with our practical knowledge. This is how this blog has been created. 

Although the domain represents only hot green tea, we are dedicated to cover all the topics regarding any tea. Tea, when brewed with perfection, can cure diseases and provide mental stability. In Ayurveda, tea is the ultimate way of treating a significant number of health-related issues. 

Ayurvedic kadha is the name of ayurvedic tea that has many benefits. Moreover, In Chinese medicine, tea is a way of treating common diseases. We are trying to gather all the ancient texts’ information to provide you an ultimate destination for information on tea. In many studies, it has been observed that tea has the power to balance the mental energy.

In this blog, we will cover many categories and try to answer how tea works. Our priority will be to uncover the myths and put some light on the facts of tea. It is a well-known fact that many people make tea in the wrong way. This blog will help you in making a perfect. 

Our Story

It all started when Brian realized that he couldn't stop drinking tea and talking about it to random people all the time. Brian, Our boss and a true friend, is a tea lover and a connoisseur. The only thing he does well other than drinking tea is talking about it. He is the inspiration behind it. 

He often explains how the importance of tea has always been ignored. So we decided to educate people about hot green tea's benefits and how to make a perfect cup. At the start, we conceptualized the blog for hot green tea only. But later on, we felt the need to write about all the teas. 

Therefore we are now writing about black tea, hot green tea, herbal tea, and any other tea that you can think about. Every tea has unique brewing times and techniques. Moreover, unique utensils should be used to brew different types of teas. This blog will include reviews of major brands and equipment to help you in the process of brewing quality tea. 

Why We Are

We believe in the true spirit behind blogging. Nowadays, people are starting blogs for profit and not for the sole purpose of sharing knowledge. Sharing is caring, and we care for the tea. Tea can’t speak, but it can spread its wisdom via steam, aroma, and taste. We respect tea, and therefore we try to be honest to its values. 

Tea Is a Religion

“Tea, is a religion of the art of life.” Okakura Kakuzo. 

In his book “The book of tea” Okakura Kakuzo explains how tea shaped Japan’s lifestyle. Japanese tea ceremonies are an example of one of the most refined behaviors of humankind. Tea unites people because tea is a religion in itself. Perhaps, tea is one of the most selfless religions. Join us on this journey where we are dedicated and share the love of tea with the whole world.

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